TINI: This Is Not Ikea

This Is Not Ikea, or TINI for short, is a rad vintage shop in West Hollywood. Vases, clocks, busts, books, games and lamps are displayed on dressers and desks; mirrors and large frames are stored between coffee tables and stacks of luggage; and an enormous tangle of chairs reaches the ceiling. It can be a bit overwhelming but it's fun to get lost among the aisles of mid century furniture and random decor.

This is just a small fraction of all the awesome things you'll find at TINI. They even have one of those vintage spring rider things from the old school McDonalds playgrounds, Volume 1 of PeeWee's Playhouse on VHS, a life size cutout of Indiana Jones and Edie Sedgwick's giant head (unfortunately not for sale). You can also buy jewelry from my sister's company Double Hearts.

Visit This Is Not Ikea at 515 S. Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036. Be sure to say hi to Desiree, the sweetie who will most likely be behind the counter. A lot of TINI's inventory can also be found on their site http://www.thisisnotikea.com/. Happy thrifting!

Here I am messing around with some mirrors
(pardon the smudges :) 


  1. way cool! i've been wanting a globe for our house decor and their collection looks rad.

  2. it's a great shop! pricier than goodwill, et al. but impeccably edited!

  3. This is an AWESOME vintage shop! Thanks for sharing.!


  4. I still have yet to go see it in person. It definitely looks like a smorgasbord of amazingness. Did you find anything sweet for yourself?

  5. There is too much good stuff! But I'm eyeing a delish set of teak nesting tables.. Maybe I will cave and make them mine