Too Much Fun

Los Angeles, CA - March 2011 - Canon S90

Give or take a few April showers, spring has come to LA and the warm weather has me out and about. Recent events include lots of Southern California travel, surprise birthdays, hanging with dogs, beach going, recording studios, fresh seafood, warehouse parties, museums, Neil Krug book signing, increased hearing impairment via shows and the beginning of festival season, serendipitous encounters with friends and much-needed time with the family.

All this fun has left my poor blog neglected. Not to mention I'm sitting on seven rolls of film patiently waiting to be developed and scanned. I can't help that I'd rather feel sunlight than the glow of the computer monitor. I'm working on that perfect balance of having fun, documenting it and rehashing it for the blog. How do you make it work?

More updates coming soon.


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  1. I love this post. With the warmer weather, the fun is just beginning!