Merry Christmas

Hawthorne, NJ - December 2010 - Nikon FE - Fuji Pro 160S

Fridge Friday: 31st Street House

Check out this easy and fun magnet DIY by my girlfriends Kelly and Jen. Such a great way to customize your fridge and repurpose some bottle caps!

Before I Die mural - September & October 2011

San Diego, CA - September 2011 - Canon S90

Some of the entries read:

Get Married
Go 2 Paris
Belly Dance like Shakira
Learn To Swim
Consume a Baby
Have Sex on a Horse
Be Successful

San Diego, CA - October 2011 - Canon S90

San Diego, CA - October 2011 - Canon S90

Fun with Self-Timer and Long Exposures

San Diego, CA - October 2011 - Canon S90

The Handsome DJs

AKA Matthew Smith & Michael Turi

San Diego, CA - September 2011 - Canon S90

Like Mother, Like Daughter

My Mom, Claire, and my sister, Paula, in their stylin' sandals.

Los Angeles, CA - September 2011 - Canon S90

Feet Above the Fair

San Diego, CA - June 2011 - Nikon FE - Fuji Pro 160S

Visuals by Operation: Mindblow

Yowza- Been gone a long time. What better way to come back than with the psychedelic visual exploits of Operation: Mindblow who recently brought their colorful projections to Til Two Club to illuminate the equally mind-blowing sounds of Asteroid #4Strangers Family BandBrian Ellis Group and Trap Gold.

Asteroid #4

The fellas of Operation: Mindblow - Josh Bohannon and Ake Arndt - are reviving the art of liquid light shows using water, oil, dye and even sea monkeys on old school projectors rigged with custom fans (I spied one made with a show poster), layered dishes, frames and aquarium pumps. No computers here, kiddies.

Drip, drop, splashy

The amoebic rainbows and ever-shifting aqueous forms are the perfect visual complements to raucous sounds. Pictured here is Asteroid #4.


In an age of computer generated digital enhancement overkill, it's refreshing and badass to see artists getting their hands dirty in the name of rock 'n roll.

Like DJs who lug around heavy crates full of vinyl and photographers who still shoot film, Operation: Mindblow remind us that there is nothing like the warmth inherent in analog forms and the patience and passion that goes into making art outside of the digital realm.

More photos on Flickr. Black and white film shots of the show coming soon as well.

Feels so good to be back on the internets.